We design and implement a wide range of bespoke studies focused on the specific needs of our clients.

Our own methodologies and studies allow us to identify the consumer’s emotional triggers and the best way to capitalise on them.

Example 1: Sponsorship valuation

We assess the potential of sponsorships (in quantitative and qualitative terms) and analyse their appropriateness to the objectives of our clients:

• Target audience scope and profile

• Attributes and associated values

• Touch points

• Fans’ attitudes towards sponsorship brands, etc.

We provide support in the negotiation of sponsorship fees and considerations.

Our own study analyses in depth the population’s passions and hobbies (sports, culture, leisure).




Example 2: Brand analysis and tracking

We carry out full brand analysis:

Current and potential target audience scope and profile

Variables of notoriety, empathy and considerations

Perceived image (rational and emotional associations)

Competitive advantages and disadvantages

Drivers (credibility, differentiation, preference) and liabilities.

Contributions between brands of a portfolio, etc.

We have our own methodology, based on simple questions posed spontaneously. This allows us to gather the consumer’s unbiased own words and expressions associated to, for example, a brand.





Example 3: Consumer analysis and market segmentation

We identify the consumer’s motivations in specific categories and beyond: we specialise in diagnosing people’s lifestyles, a key parameter when it comes to generating an emotional bond.

We have developed our own segmentation, based entirely on values and attitudes. Consumer typologies can be projected in any bespoke study of a specific category (banks, automobiles, beer, telephone companies, etc.).