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Banco Santander

Football, La Liga Santander: Strategic Services


  • Sustaining (spontaneously) Santander Bank ‘s notoriety via broad and continuous media visibility
  • Emotionalising the brand: values and proximity
  • Boosting the business through promotional actions and licensed products

Minerva Marketing Solution

  • Monitoring La Liga’s compliance of the sponsorship’s considerations
  • ROI of the sponsorship in Spain: monitoring and assessing the sponsorship’s media impact on TV (matches and news), radio, press, digital media and social media
  • Sponsorship annual study: monitoring the attraction of football in general and of La Liga Santander in particular vs. other sports and events; identifying potential reinforcement assets (i.e. brand ambassadors); insight regarding the sponsorship’s exploitation (strategic focus, target audience segmentation, contact points, contents, experiences and incentives that are more relevant among key target audience members, etc.)
  • Sponsorship tracking (quarterly study): study on the real contribution of the sponsorship (association, value transfer, empathy generation, building the image of the bank as an entity with which to work, etc.)
  • Design and updating of dashboards for the strategic supervision of the sponsorships


  • Football is the most attractive sport in Spain. 41% of the population claims to be interested or very interested in it.
  • La Liga Santander is the largest Spanish club football competition. It arouses (considerably or a lot of) interest among more than 85% of football fans.