We have an experienced strategic consulting team with advertising vision.

Example 1: Sponsorship strategy

We are specialised in designing and optimising sponsorship strategies:

• Umbrella concept: allows for the creation of a link between the different sponsorships/actions and gives them meaning. Directly reflects the brand on different levels (distinguishing features, values, mission, objective, etc.).

• Asset portfolio: it must be continuously optimised depending on the level of maturity of the sponsor and the sponsorship brand. Each type of asset (events, teams, brand ambassadors, etc.) works towards specific objectives.

• Exploitation guidelines: take the sponsor to the sponsorship brand’s territory through strategic and/or tactical actions. They must be taken into account right from the start of the sponsorship negotiation in order to have the adequate considerations.

•Channel mix: beyond exploiting the sponsorship on conventional and non-conventional channels, it is increasingly critical to adequately combine pay channels, private channels and gained channels.

Example 2: Brand positioning

We are specialised in positioning brands on a corporate/international level:

• Identifying the related target audiences based on ad hoc shopping criteria of a specific category, socio-demographic parameters, lifestyle variables, etc.

• Defining the value proposal on a rational and emotional level.

• Recommending the brand’s role and communication tone.

• Designing portfolio strategies of synergic brands, etc.

We know how to adapt positionings on a local level and/or setting to a specific action.


We rely on our own consumer-focused design of brand construction.


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